Vol. 5 - Issue 11 (November - 2021)

Comparative Assessment the Dynamics of Stock Indices in France, Germany, Italy and Great Britain
Authors: Vyacheslav Lyashenko, Valeria Baranova, Tetyana Novikova
Keywords: ssessment; analysis; stock index; European countries; wavelet analysis; wavelet coherence.
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The Influence of Training and Training Transfer Factors on the Performance of Higher Education Employees
Authors: Ali Abu Jarad
Keywords: Supervisor Support, Work Environment, Sharing Knowledge Motivation, Training Transfer, Job performance.
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The Impact of Managerial Discretion in Value Creation in Managerial Firms of Cameroon
Authors: Aboubakar Sidiki
Keywords: ublic Limited companies; managerial discretionary space; shareholder value creation; Entrenchment; Cameroon
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The Reality of Applying the Crisis Management Approach in the Egyptian Ceramic Companies
Authors: AbdElaal AbdAllah AbdElaal, Mazen J. Al Shobaki, Samy S. Abu-Naser, Suliman A. El Talla
Keywords: Crisis Management, Ceramic Companies, 10th of Ramadan City, Egypt.
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